A downloadable game for Windows

It started  as a level design test with Unreal Engine 4.  It was looking nice, I told on twitter I was making Half Life 3 because I can't wait for valve. It went almost viral. Hope people understand is kind of a joke,  a single person can't make that huge project.  That deserve a bigger and serious team.

The idea was to make some level design using only a bunch of free content from the Unreal Marketplace . 

Links to the free assets:

Free collections: Melee weapons:
Industrial Props:
Soul City:
Soul Cave:

You can download and play the level on Windows, it just walk around. 

Future of this demo:

 I'll try to add more sounds and interactivity, maybe some weapons. I was thinking about designing a relaxing and quiet waiting place.  So you can go there and feel like you are isolated from the world and resigned to wait indefinitely for your next mission.

Visit my website:  www.denysalmaral.com


- Added ambient sounds and footsteps. 2020-01


Crowbar_life.0.0.2.zip 550 MB

Development log


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Denys, where's our new update?

So this is crowber life

Yeah... and empty life alone in a forgotten place where nothing change in several months and no one cares about the player, not even the developer! XD 

I wish this was completed

It is an incredible job, you can expand it, create a place similar to a canal with stagnant water and destroyed things, as well as the HL2 phase when you travel in the “sliding boat” that passes through channels, flooded tunnels, it is a “depressing” I love places, and that style fits the HL2 and with UE4 it should look beautiful

Hey Denys, your work is amazing !! I am a HF fan and if you want, we can discuss to collaborate to create a fan version of hf3. Email me please or mp

I hope to see you on the developers staff in the next HL episode, you have the talent and spirit, I love this quick view of your game, dude :')

Thank you :)


Linux version ?

Can't wait to see if you will do some update on this ! like a biggest map.

If it's just for explore and chill, I'm totally satisfied with that.

Very great job ! :)

This download does not work , downloads for a bit then just cancels.

Don't know why, for most people it works. Try this one but it will expire tomorrow: http://pc.cd/z2PitalK

not sure eh just says Failed Forbidden. Dling this one now.

This link seems to work thankyou sir.

Hope Valve reconsider hury up after this. If valve dont make HL3 we will do it.

Unfortunately, I cannot download this at the moment - always fails/stops after about a minute or so. Never mind, I'll try again later!


Not sure why. If you still insist  unsuccessful send me and email to  denys.almaral at gmail to give you  an alternative download link.

OK, thanks.

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Try here before 24 hours: http://pc.cd/z2PitalK

Thanks, that did the trick.

Will you assemble a team for further advancement?

Hi, I don't think so.  I'll keep this simple and small. There is already a team that look very serious  working on new Half Life episode -Project Borialis- I have applied to work with them and anyone with interest should apply with them too. 

this looks juicy! reminds me of dying light, i wish you a good luck and hope for maybe some partner to build this work with u :D  would be awesome

Thank  you!  @Harunomaki You're very right I had big inspiration from Dying Light!