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NOTICE: The development o Crabby Ball is on hold

Is a 2D platformer / puzzle / physics relaxing casual game with simple and clean flat graphics style. Control the ball with your soccer and volleyball skills to win each level.


  • Don't let the ball fall to the ground more than 2 times.
  • Try to collect most starfish and pass the ball cross the flag to win the level.


  • Bouncing ball physics simulation.
  • Double jump.
  • 36 Levels.
  • Shrink and Grow, Slow-mo and Ball protection power-ups
  • Moving platforms and Teleporting doors.
  • Ship wheel triggers and pirates cannon.
  • Collect Starfish, the Crabby Ball's currency.
  • Ghost clones! o.O
  • Skip levels using starfish.


Keyboard cursor or Gamepad controller.

About the developer and future plans

This game is developed by a single developer (Denys Almaral) using Unreal Engine 4 (Yes, without shiny 3D graphcis and lens flares ;) )

There is a mobile version already published on Google Play, but  (I have removed the app from google play because of new policies incompatibilities with old versions of Unreal) I'm by soul a PC Gamer, and I wish I could focus on a PC version with more rich content and features. Even the first version was targeting android, 2D platformers games are always better for playing on PC, I enjoy myself much more playing Crabby Ball on desktop with keyboard or controller.

I'll appreciate a lot your sincere comments to know if you would like to play a game like this on your desktop PC and what additional features would you like to see.

UPDATE: As the game relay on physics was a dead end using UE4 since there the physics are not reliable , that's why the project is on hold until better solution or porting to a different engine, maybe one with Box2D physics underneath. 

This are some of the plans for the PC version:
- Additional game modes: Local Co-op and local Multiplayer.
- Tons of new levels with interesting mechanics.
- Improved graphics environment.
- In-game Level editor.

Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

Hope you like this game as much as I have fun making it!

Kind regards,

Install instructions

Download, unZip and execute: CrabbyBall_PC.exe

This is a Unreal Engine 4 executable for a Blueprint-only project. It means the developers has not added any custom compiled code or DLLs, so it should be virus-free as virus free are any Unreal Engine 4.10.1 binary files.


CrabbyBall_PCDemo.zip 48 MB

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